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When you smile the last thing you want is for someone to remember you by the missing gaps in your teeth. A bridge is an aesthetic and functional way to close the gap by fixing an artificial tooth between the adjacent teeth on either side. Dr. Gohill, a trained prosthodontist has considerable experience with dental bridges and can get your smile back on track.

Why use a dental bridge?

When teeth are missing the remaining teeth may shift position and can affect your bite and even make your jaw sore. Teeth that have moved out of alignment are harder to clean and are more prone to cavities and gum disease. If you have one or more missing teeth, Dr. Gohill may well suggest a bridge as a means of tooth replacement. A bridge is a permanent restoration process which should last for about ten years or longer.

What is the procedure for a bridge?

The procedure calls for at least two visits to the clinic. One to prepare the teeth ready to take the bridge, and the other to fit it. If the teeth to either side of the problem area are healthy then they can be filed down to shape them so that the bridge can be attached. In the absence of healthy or sufficient teeth, then dental implants may be placed into the jaw bone to act as an anchor for the bridge.

Next the dentist takes an impression of your teeth so that our dental technicians can custom make an artificial tooth or teeth together with 2 crowns, which make up the bridge. A temporary bridge will then be fitted to protect your gums and exposed teeth. On your return visit the dentist will be able to place the permanent bridge by cementing the crowns onto your 2 healthy teeth either side of the gap, or onto two dental implants.

There are various types of bridges available and in order to make sure that you receive the right type, Dr. Gohill will discuss your options with you. This can depend on various circumstances such as where in the mouth your tooth or teeth are missing and your overall oral health.

Are there any side effects?

As with any procedure involving your gums there is a very slight chance of inflammation or infection but this is extremely rare. Dr. Gohill will check that you have no allergies to the materials being used. A traditional bridge is a cheaper alternative to dental implants but the main issue is that two healthy teeth have to be filed and ground down in order to place the crowns of the new bridge.

If you’d like to bridge the gap in your teeth and improve your smile, then why not give the clinic a call on 954-791-6666. Dr. Gohill and her experienced team would like to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.