Dental Crowns

There are a number of reasons why you would need a dental crown (also known as a cap) such as protecting a tooth from further decay and damage, to help a tooth support a large filling if there isn’t much of the actual tooth left and for cosmetic reasons – perhaps because you don’t like the colour or shape of your existing tooth.

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Depending on factors such as budget and reason for procedure, there are different types of dental crowns available to choose from. Stainless steel crowns are hard-wearing and inexpensive, making them a good choice for temporary crowns or those on a low budget. Crowns made from metal alloys, such as gold, are more expensive, but require less of the tooth material to be removed; they also cause the least wear to teeth on either side of the cap and are extremely durable. The down side to metal crowns is that they are often fairly obvious in the patient’s mouth, but you can have ones fitted that look more realistic, such as those made from porcelain or ceramic. These crowns can be shaped and coloured to match existing teeth so that they are inconspicuous when in the mouth.

When having a dental crown fitted, there is an initial appointment to discuss your needs and the options available, then there will be at least one further appointment to carry out the necessary work. The tooth to be capped with the crown will first need to be prepared and this usually involves filing the tooth to ensure there is space for the crown to fit comfortably between the teeth on either side of it. If the procedure is being carried out on a tooth that is missing a large amount of material, then it will be built up as much as possible to ensure a good fit with the crown. A putty is then applied to the tooth, which creates a cast that will be used to make the crown. When it is time to have your tooth capped, the crown will be permanently bonded to your existing tooth using a special dental cement – this is usually a very effective and long-lasting way to ensure that your new tooth stays where it should be.

If you think that you may need or want a crown, then get in touch with Dr. Juliana Gohil and her team at Plantation Dental Care, on 954-870-4846, to find out more.

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