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Bone Grafting


Bone Grafting

If you’re considering dental implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth, then one of the first steps is to determine whether you have sufficient bone in which to place the implant. For a dental implant to be successful there has to be enough width and depth of bone to support the screw like implant so that it can provide a solid platform for the replacement tooth or teeth. Bone can deteriorate in cases where a tooth has been missing for some time and consequently our dentist may suggest you undergo a bone grafting procedure before dental implant surgery can go ahead.

What to expect from the bone grafting process

Bone grafting is a procedure used to increase the density and amount of bone in order for dental implants to be placed. Typically this involves transplanting or adding bone or bone-like material to the jaw. The bone may come from a bone bank or alternatively it may be taken from your own body. Following grafting there will be a wait of several months for the grafted material to bond with the existing bone.

Where does the bone come from?

The best source of grafting material is from your own body and bone may be taken from your chin or the back part of your lower jaw (the ramus). If we can’t get enough bone from these areas then it may need to be taken from your hip instead. This is considered the best source because the hip contains a lot of bone and the marrow within contains bone-forming cells. Bone taken from the hip will require a stay in hospital and general surgery.

If you are reluctant to have bone removed from your own body there are other options available. Our dentist can use material made from the bone of cows or human cadavers. Alternatively synthetic products can be used with some of the newer products stimulating certain cells in the body to turn into bone, dispelling the need for bone grafting. Dr. Gohill, our trained prosthodontist will discuss the
risks and benefits associated with each of the options prior to any procedures being carried out.

If you’ve been told in the past that you don’t have sufficient bone to place dental implants then Dr. Gohill may be able to help. Modern dental technologies have made bone grafting an option for many people seeking dental implants. Why not give us a call on 954-791-6666 to find out more or to book a consultation appointment. Dr. Gohill and her team are standing by to help.