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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry
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Sedation Dentistry

Some people are scared of going to the dentist, so much so that they avoid going altogether. This is often at the detriment of decaying or problematic teeth. Whether it’s a fear of the dentist’s drill, the noise and smell associated with dentistry, or the simple fact of sitting in the dentist’s chair, it may well be enough to trigger a panic attack.

The good news is that modern day dentistry is far more customer focused than it was several years ago and dentists, sympathetic to the fears and anxieties of their patients, have developed techniques and relaxing approaches designed to help their patients overcome their fears. Here at Plantation Dental Care we are often asked what we can do to alleviate a patient’s fear, and we’re more than happy to discuss your sedation dentistry requirements.

Relax your way to a perfect smile

The method we use to help a patient to relax is inhalation sedation or ‘relative analgesia’. This involves a process of breathing in a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a nose-piece which is comfortable to wear. More commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ this mixture will quickly make you feel calm and pleasantly relaxed. The dentist will also help put you at ease by talking to you in a calming manner. Although you’ll feel sleepy, you will be conscious throughout the treatment but will feel no discomfort whatsoever. There’s no danger of overdosing on the gas and as soon as you take a couple of breaths of normal air, the gas leaves your body. This means there are no side effects and after a rest of about 15 minutes you can even drive yourself home.

If you’re a nervous patient then please feel free to contact the clinic on 954-791-6666 to discuss your options and book an appointment. We’ll do all we can to alleviate your fears.