Reasons Not to Put off Root Canal Treatments

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Oral pain is something that should never be ignored. Once experienced, it is vital for patients to take appropriate actions by seeking professional assistance instead of just taking over the counter pain relievers. Know that to effectively get rid of pain; it is essential to know the exact cause. Patients cannot do this, but with the expertise of a dentist, they will be able to perform proper diagnosis and treatment.

If patients experience tenderness of the gums, darkening of a tooth, severe pain when biting down, recurring pimples on the gums, and prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold substances, they should immediately seek a root canal treatment. At Plantation Dental Care, we highly recommend our patients not to delay the procedure since we understand the possible consequences they may experience. And for everyone to know all these, here is a list we prepared.

root canal treatment

Effects of Ignoring a Root Canal

Continued pain

Most patients think of root canal as one of the most painful dental services, what they don’t understand is, the procedure aims to relieve pain and not add more. If a root canal is not availed of, patients will continue to deal with the oral pain which can affect their performance and even social relationships.

Worsening of the infection

If professional care is not sought, the developing infection can gradually spread to the pulp and even proceed deeper into the roots. If this happens, the expertise of a dentist is greatly needed to eliminate all the infected portions. The longer the patient delays a root canal, the more complicated it becomes for the dentist to get rid of the infection.

Tooth loss

Aside from pain, the spreading infection from a tooth can affect the gums and the adjacent structures as well. If actions are not taken, patients will eventually lose their teeth. Seeking appropriate treatments is necessary for the patient to avoid other complications like gum disease and more.

General health consequences

Unfortunately, an infection that starts in the mouth can spread throughout the whole body via the bloodstream. According to several studies, the condition of their heart can be linked to the state of a person’s oral health. That said, people with untreated tooth infection are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

In successfully preventing serious oral health complications, taking preventive measures is best. And if a particular issue has made its presence known by showing off symptoms, patients should immediately take actions to prevent the condition from worsening!

If oral pain has been bothering you, do not wait for it to become unbearable before seeing the dentist. Let us at Plantation Dental Care handle your dental health needs like Root Canal Treatment in Plantation, FL! Call or visit us to get started.