Understanding Bone Grafting Procedure

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There are instances where people lose more than one teeth. For those with this condition, bone loss to the jaw is something that might follow. This begins during the moment that the teeth are lost. The natural stimulation for bone growth brought by chewing food will stop due to tooth loss in specific areas. 

However, procedures like Bone Grafting exist to address this problem and fix damaged areas. 

bone grafting

What is Bone Grafting? 

It is best to define the process to understand what the procedure is all about. A bone grafting procedure is a process of transferring bones from one source to another to fix damaged areas. Bone graft procedures can also stimulate growth in areas where there is an implanted device. The bone graft’s purpose is to restore the structure and provide stability.  

What are the uses of this procedure?

  • dental restoration, these bone grafts improve a patient’s facial structure and ensure that the placement of implants is tightly secured and stable on the jaw bone.
  • Proper restoration of bones on the jaw improves the physical appearance of the patient and makes them appear younger.
  • Nevertheless, a bone graft is best in treating diseases and injuries. Especially in restoring bone loss caused by infections. 

How do you prepare for a bone grafting procedure? 

Prior to the procedure, the medical professional will conduct a thorough and comprehensive examination on the medical history and physical state of the patient. It is recommended for the patient to inform the medical professional about any medications and supplements they are taking. Instruction will be given a few days before the procedure, and following these instructions ensures a successful result. 

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